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You Are Enough

I Am Enough

This blog post was written by Behavioral Health Therapist Deborah “Lea” Humphrey, LPC, SA-IT.

What do the words “I am enough” mean to you?

Do those words mean you are as good as it gets? Do they mean to stop trying?

Or maybe they mean: In this moment, given everything, YOU GOT THIS.

Always remember, your best is going to change from moment to moment, day to day. However, at any given time, you are doing the best you can.

Belief in yourself begins with you

When you tell yourself “I got this,” you are telling yourself you believe in you. You believe you have the ability, strength, and determination to succeed at whatever is in front of you.

Self-Confidence, self-efficacy, self-esteem, and self-worth are all tied together: 


“I can….”    “I can do this.” To trust in yourself. To believe in yourself.


“I will….”  I have the ability and the faith I can do this.


“I am….”  Self-Esteem is what we think, feel, and believe about ourselves. 


“Despite ______, I am….” Self-Worth is the recognition that you are a valuable human being who is worthy of love, regardless of how you evaluate your traits.

How To Build Self-Esteem

The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem:

  1. The Practice of Living Consciously
  2. The Practice of Self-Acceptance
  3. The Practice of Self Responsibility
  4. The Practice of Self Assertiveness
  5. The Practice of Living Purposefully
  6. The Practice of Personal Integrity
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