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Behavioral Healthcare Services

An African-American teen girl sits on a couch and talks to the unrecognizable female psychotherapist at her office. The girl looks like she's uncomfortable.

Help is available, asking for help is hard to do.  Here at CHS we have been rapidly expanding our behavioral healthcare program in response to the emerging and ongoing increases we are seeing in the communities that we serve.  The needs have been rising steadily throughout south central and southwestern Wisconsin, and Covid has absolutely taken a toll. 

Ultimately we are here to be partners with you and work collaboratively with you to help get you services that you need and that will positively impact how you feel.  This may be in the form of individual counseling, family counseling or group counseling.  Additionally, in some cases, a full diagnostic evaluation with potential medication interventions may be indicated.  You will be a partner throughout this journey, and we will work to ensure that you are comfortable with any interventions we are recommending.  

Read below for a list of services. 

Diagnostic Evaluation

A licensed therapist will meet with your to complete a thorough assessment of what has been going on in your life, both currently and in years past, to help them get a better understanding of what your needs may beThis is a thorough review of your life history and an attempt to understand what external and internal factors may be impacting your overall health.  In some cases we may request past treatment records to help ensure that we are not duplicating past interventions.  This assessment is additionally instrumental if medication management is an intervention that you would want to utilize.   

This involves working one-on-one with a licensed therapist or social worker to both understand what is impacting your mental wellbeing as well as to learn new productive interventions to better manage how you feelThe therapy can occur in person in office as well as virtuallyYou and your therapist will collaborate on a treatment plan and work on mutually agreeable goals as we aid you on your wellness journey.  

Group counseling is an excellent way to both understand the impact that a symptom (such as anxiety) may have on your overall wellbeing but additionally it helps in the development of positive coping skills as group members can learn from each other as well as from the therapist who is facilitating.   Groups are typically no larger than twelve patients, allowing for a good deal of interaction, and are aimed at increasing resilience and fostering development of positive coping skills.   

The misuse of substances is something that many battle with, and a need that has increased drastically throughout the Covid-19 PandemicWe offer outpatient substance abuse counseling, in the form of group sessions that occur three times weekly, to patients who are struggling with their sobriety or who have noticed that their substance misuse has begun impacting their personal or professional livesLike most group therapies, members can learn from one another and develop positive and productive coping skillsSubstance misuse treatment involves this service, individual counseling, and random urine screenings to help ensure that an individual is progressing in their sobriety journey.  While not mandated, members are encouraged to attend local support groups to help aid them throughout their recovery as well.  

A licensed psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner can provide a comprehensive diagnostic assessment and make recommendations for medications to help manage symptoms that are not able to be alleviated by therapy aloneThe use and role of these types of medications (commonly known as psychotropics) has progressed rapidly in the last few decades and these medications can have profoundly positive impacts on the quality of life for individuals who struggle with mental health diagnoses.  Medication management involves working collaboratively with our prescribing providers as well as our support team, to help ensure that the intended impact is occurring.   

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