BACHC staff and board - Oct 2019

About Community Health Systems, Inc.

Community Health Systems, Inc. provides quality, confidential medical, dental and behavioral health care. We welcome patients with private insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare, as well as the uninsured. Community Health Systems’ dedicated employees are top quality experienced healthcare providers. Doctors, Dentists, Physicians and Assistants offer exceptional medical care for your whole family.

Services and providers

Community Health Systems of Wisconsin promotes culturally competent and sensitive community-oriented affordable healthcare for Southern Wisconsin. Highly skilled medical, dental, and behavioral health professionals provide services in the areas of women’s health, teen education, family and primary health care, family planning, children’s dentistry, pediatrics (including well-child and school exams), and geriatrics.

Community Health Systems also offers comprehensive care for HIV-positive patients through a collaboration with UW-Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics.

CHS is a Federally Qualified Health Center

Community Health Systems, Inc. believes that every person deserves quality, caring health care provided by knowledgeable, compassionate providers. CHS is a non-profit, Federally Qualified Healthcare Center (FQHC) serving the Beloit area.

CHS participates in a nationwide effort to extend a safety net of health services to those who lack access to health services, especially the low-income individuals with medicaid, medicare, no insurance or private insurance and limited means to pay for quality health services. Call us today if you need assistance. Let us answer any questions you have regarding your coverage and condition.

Fees, costs, and payments

We pride ourselves on providing affordable, timely, and high quality care for 21 years and counting in the Beloit Area and proudly accept Medicaid, Medicare, and most Private Insurances. Dedication to continuous improvement is part of our Core Values.

We are excited to announce positive changes to our Sliding Fee Discount program. Effective July 1, 2020, our patients will have improved transparency of what they can expect to pay when they see a provider, have labs or procedures performed.

Flat rates will replace our sliding fee discount percentages and make it easier to understand the cost of your care. Our Patient Financial Counselors are always available to help you understand these changes.

As a Federally Qualified Health Center, CHS never turns anyone away due to their inability to pay. No one is denied access to services. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Our Core Values

  • Personal Commitment
  • Responsibility for our actions
  • Integrity is a requirement, not an option
  • Dedication to continuous improvement
  • Education of the public and ourselves

Comprehensive Care for our Community!