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Community Based Dental Services

In Wisconsin, 1 in 5 children in third grade has an untreated, preventable dental disease. Through our School-Based Seal-A-Smile program, Dental professionals provide sealants during a quick and no cost visit at your child’s school.

Healthy Smiles are for a Lifetime!

Community Health Systems is proud to partner with Wisconsin Seal-A-Smile, one of the nation’s premier school-based dental sealant programs. We are expanding our services beyond the traditional classroom settings to community-based sites to bring safe dental services to your child and prevent childhood decay. Parents never receive a bill for services. A consent form MUST be completed before your child(ren) can be seen.

Services Provided include:

Sealants: Dental sealants prevent 80% of cavities in back teeth, where 9 in 10 cavities occur.

Fluoride Varnishes: Fluoride varnishes can help reduce cavities by 40%.

Dental Education: Learn proper brushing techniques, receive a new toothbrush and toothpaste, and a referral to the Dentist if needed.

Our dental team follows strict CDC and OSHA safety protocols to reduce the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Here are some ways we are protecting your child.

  • All CHS staff will wear appropriate personal protective equipment and change equipment in accordance with CDC guidelines.
  • Only one child at a time will be evaluated.  In the event where multiple children present, they will be spaced 6 feet apart.
  • All children will have to complete a COVID-19 screening and receive a temperature check by a CHS team member prior to receiving the assessment.

The following schools are visited by Community Health Systems, Inc through the Seal-A-Smile community based dental program:

  • Rock County Christian Schools-Beloit & Janesville
  • The Lincoln Academy
  • School District of Shullsburg
  • Pecatonica Area School District
  • School District of Black Hawk
  • Darlington Community School District
  • Brodhead School District
  • Juda School District
  • Monticello School District

Sign up today with a paper consent or use the electronic link!

Turn your consent forms into the front desk at Beloit Area Community Health Systems, or give to school nurse at any of these schools

How to sign up:

To sign your child up please visit: en español:

Have questions or need help with enrollment?

Please call our Outreach Coordinator Community Based Dental Services, Erin, at (608) 313-3407 or by email at

For more information about services provided at Community Health Systems, visit our Services Page.