Leadership Team Profile

Mary Beth Johnson

Mary Beth Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

Mary Beth has 20 years of experience in the healthcare field, with primary concentrations in Pharmaceuticals, Occupational/Emergency Medicine, and Behavioral Health. She earned her BA degree in Psychology (emphasis on Industrial/Organizational) at Northern IL University; and her MA degree at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (emphasis on General Applied /International studies). Her Capstone project was “Increasing mental health awareness” to the general population in need.

Mary Beth joined Community Health Systems, Inc. in 2019, transferring from another FQHC, in Colorado, where she also served on the Executive Team as Chief Operations Officer. Prior to that, she worked in Management at Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) at three major Denver Inner City locations. She switched from HCA over to an FQHC due to her passion and commitment to the Integrated Healthcare Model, “Patient care that encompasses medical, dental, and behavioral health for all those in need of comprehensive care (regardless of ability to pay) is a clinic that I love to go to work for every single day”.

As a leader, Mary Beth is approachable and reliable and strives to maintain a work-ethic philosophy of both leading with compassion and getting things done.