Medical Provider Profile

Dr. Troy Doetch, MD

Dr. Troy Doetch, MD

Medical Director/Doctor of Family Medicine

Dr. Troy Doetch grew up on a farm in Illinois with a true appreciation for rural life. After pursuing an advanced degree in medicine at the University of Illinois in Chicago, he remained to practice and teach Family Medicine at the University of Illinois and at Northwestern Medical School. More recently, Dr. Doetch taught at the University of Wisconsin Department of Community and Family Medicine.

Dr. Doetch enjoys seeing and treating people of all ages in his current role as Medical Director at our clinic. He is a good listener and believes in spending time to get to know his patients and their medical needs. Dr. Doetch’s priority is to help his patients lead a healthy lifestyle. When needed, he will also help them find the right specialty or make the appropriate connections in an increasingly complex health care industry. “It’s all about getting the best possible care for every patient.”

Dr. Doetch is accepting new patients from birth through adulthood.