Amanda Isunza, MSW, LCSW

Amanda Isunza MSW, LCSW


Amanda received her Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from the George Williams College located in Williams Bay, WI. During her graduate studies, she worked as the Bilingual advocate for the Sexual Assault Recovery Program and she also worked providing expressive therapy services for the Beloit Domestic Survivor Center.

Amanda has experience working with children, teens and adults. After completing her MSW degree, she became the director of the Sexual Assault Recovery Program. Her worked has focused on providing Trauma Informed Care services to victims of sexual abuse. She has over seven years of experience working with victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and Human Trafficking.

“Empowering victims while providing a trauma-informed care service is crucial in order to build client-therapist relationship. Healing from trauma is a process as diverse as the people who experience it, and the experience can be influenced by many different factors, there is never a 'right,' 'better' or 'wrong' way to heal.”