Community Health Systems, Inc.

MyChart Virtual Visit

Virtual Visits are available for Medical and Behavioral Health appointments.

Schedule a Virtual Visit

Please set up a MyChart account to request or prepare for your Virtual Visit here.

  1. Enter into the address bar, or open the MyChart app on your mobile device.
  2. Enter your MyChart Username and Password
  3. Select Visits > Schedule an Appointment. The Schedule an Appointment window opens.
  4. Select Virtual Visit
  1. Select a Provider. Only providers with virtual visit appointment types will be available to select.
  2. Select preferred dates.
  3. Select preferred times. All available times is the default but the time can be made more specific. Select Filter times for more scheduling option requests.
  4. Enter Comments about reason for requesting a visit.
  5. Click SEND REQUEST.
  6. Once the request has been confirmed with the scheduling staff, you will receive a MyChart message confirming the scheduled virtual visit.

Appointment Confirmation

The virtual visit appointments are confirmed by clinical staff. A message is sent to your MyChart Message Center and appointment is viewable in MyChart Appointments and Visits.

From patient’s MyChart:

  1. Enter MyChart Username and Password.
  2. Select Messaging > Message Center. The Message Center window opens.
  3. Select an Appointment Scheduled message to view appointment details and instructions.
  4. Select Visits > Appointments and Visits. The Appointments and Visits window opens. Any upcoming appointments and past appointments will display.

Preparing for a MyChart Virtual Visit

You can attend the MyChart Virtual visit on any device that provides webcam capabilities.

The Zoom application needs to be downloaded if you are joining the virtual visit on a mobile device. You does not need to log into Zoom with a username and password. Zoom just needs to be on your device to launch the video feature.
  1. Log in to MyChart
  2. Enter MyChart Username and Password
  3. Select Visits> Appointments and Visits.
  4. Select ECHECK-IN to begin your virtual visit. The Virtual Visit with provider name window opens. The ECheck-in button is available up to three days before virtual visit appointment. The option to start the video portion of the visit is 30 min before appointment time up to 30 min after appointment time.
  5. Click UPDATE INFORMATION. The eCheck-in window opens.
  1. Click check box for This information is correct or click button Edit information on each screen. Then click CONTINUE.
    • If it’s the first MyChart Virtual Visit, a consent will appear that will need to be signed.
    • Verify Demographics. Verify Medications.Verify Allergies.
    • Verify Health Issues.
    • Update Coverage information
    • Complete Appointment QuestionnairesRelevant screenings may pop-up automatically for the patient to fill out.
  2. Click SUBMIT AND CONTINUE to complete eCheck-in. The eCheck-in Complete window opens.

The CONTINUE button will not become clickable until the This information is correct box is checked.

8. Click the BEGIN VIDEO VISIT button to begin video visit. Zoom will open in your web browser with a message stating Please wait for the host to start this meeting if the provider has not started their Zoom video session.