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BACHC welcomes new dentist with international experience

Dr. Naheed Ahmad
Dr. Naheed Ahmad

BELOIT, Wis. — Community Health Systems, Inc. is pleased to welcome a new dentist, Dr. Naheed Ahmad, to Beloit Area Community Health Center. Dr. Ahmad joined the health center’s dental practice in mid-July.

“At Community Health Systems, Inc., we offer a great opportunity for our new grad dentists and are so excited to have Dr. Ahmad join our very talented team,” says CEO Julie Sprecher. “With her addition, we are able to increase our ability to see more new patients and eliminate any barriers to care for our target population.”

While Dr. Ahmad is a recent graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry, the scope of her experiences spans continents. Before coming to Beloit, she spent a month in Tanzania this spring, practicing dentistry there. While at UIC, Dr. Ahmad actively worked in the community, which helped inspire her career path.

“I’m very interested in public health,” Dr. Ahmad says, noting that in particular she enjoys working with children, as it enables her to help prevent dental disease before it takes root.

She has also found that her upbringing as a first-generation child of an immigrant family (she grew up in the suburbs of Chicago) makes her sensitive to the complexities of patients that might find themselves in similar circumstances. Additionally, she speaks Spanish, an invaluable trait in a dental practice that serves a high number of Spanish-speaking patients.

For more information about CHS, Inc. or to schedule an interview with Dr. Ahmad, contact Lynn Vollbrecht at (608) 313-3375.