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CHS Cares About Me: Brett

CHS Cares About Me - Brett

This post was written by Ana Montoya, Clinic Communications Specialist at the Beloit Area Community Health Center.

My name is Brett, I am a veteran, and active member in local theater. I have always had access to healthcare until a few years ago, when I found myself in a tough situation. I became unemployed and uninsured and finding access to healthcare was challenging.

I was not eligible to qualify for Veterans benefits or BadgerCare and it seemed like all the doors for options were closing. I had heard about the Beloit Area Community Health Center but did not know much about it, so I decided to give the clinic a call.

From day one, the clinic welcomed me with open arms. I explained my situation and I was connected with the clinics social workers that helped guide me to resources that could help me get back on my feet. Eventually, I did just that. I became employed but even after I became insured, I continued to come to the clinic because there was no need for me to go anywhere else. The care I receive from the staff is outstanding, and for the first time, I felt valid.

The community should know that the clinic’s services are not just for those who may be uninsured. This is my healthcare home; here I can receive all my medical, dental and behavioral healthcare without judgment and feel supported. The clinic takes a patient centered approach, that is they care about me as a person. I always recommend the clinic to my family and friends.

Thank you to the caring staff.

– Brett