CHS Board of Directors:

Megge Casique -Board Chair
 Community Affiliation:Youth2Youth

Brian Wilson-Board Vice-Chair

 Community Affiliation: Resident

Patrick Kuelz - Treasurer
 Community Affiliation: Resident

Linda Garza-Secretary
 Community Affiliation: Beloit School District

Ruth Gray-Director
 Community Affiliation: Beloit Clinic

Doris Mulder-Director
 Community Affiliation: Beloit Health Systems

Whitney Helm-Director

  Community Affiliation: Beloit College

Dalia Ochoa-Director

  Community Affiliation: School District of Beloit

Ian Hedges- Director

 Community Affiliation: HealthNet

Kristin Loehr - Director

Community Affiliation: Marketing Analyst

FQHCs receiving Section 330 grants and FQHC Look-Alikes must be governed by a board of directors. The board must include a majority (at least 51%) of active, registered clients of the health center who are representative of the populations served by the center. The governing board ensures that the center is community based and responsive to the community’s health care needs.

Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards

  1. Determine the organization’s mission, core values and vision
  2. Select and evaluate the Chief Executive Officer
  3. Ensure effective organizational planning
  4. Ensure adequate resources and that they are managed effectively
  5. Monitor organizational programs and services
  6. Enhance organization’s public exposure and standing
  7. Maintain organizational accountability – legally and ethically
  8. Recruit new Board members and regularly assess Board performance

Board Meetings: Every Third Tuesday of Each Month, 5:15-6:30 p.m.

Boardroom, 74 Eclipse Center, Beloit, WI

If you are interested in making a difference and
becoming a member of the CHS Board of Directors,
please contact us at 608-313-3116 or complete a

and email to

Board of Directors

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